About Us | Changing Places Official Independant Campaign for Changing Place and Space to Change facilities

Thousands of people need Changing Places  and Space to Change toilets, to enable them to get out and about and enjoy the day-to-day activities many of us take for granted.


MyChangingPlace was launched as we approach the 10th year of Campaigning for Changing Places toilet facilities and there are less than 900 in the UK in total.

We are group of independent, successful campaigners who want to change that.

We are also parent/carers ourselves, so understand first hand the barriers faced by disabled people in the UK.

We are working hard to make changes for our loved ones and yours, as we believe they have as much right to use a toilet as we do.

We work with people and organisations to provide advice and information on how to make toilets accessible for everyone.

Unlike other sites we are completely independent with no links to any profitable organisations and have been successful in working with organisations, councils and the NHS to get facilities installed.

Our team includes parent/carers, architects and other relevant professionals.


Changing Places